Why we’re still early in crypto despite a new ATH for Bitcoin, why Bitcoin will have trouble becoming a broadly adopted store of value, and what I see happening in the long run.
What illusion causes us to see gold, money and crypto as valuable, and what could break the illusion?
How network effects work and why Bitcoin's first-mover advantage is insufficient to hide behind in the long run.
I’ve seen this discussion pop up more often recently, so let’s dive in. In short, the argument goes that currencies need to be inflationary so that…
Digging into the core of what a perfect form of money would look like and applying this to crypto.
How Proof of Stake discourages usage, makes the rich richer, and increases centralization over time.
On the long-term issues of PoW/PoS coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and 99% of crypto. In short, most cryptocurrencies are centralizing over time due to…
How Nano manages to be green, fast and feeless, why Nano is so innovative, and what the usecases for Nano are.
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